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Amplifying Your Inner Power

Workshop Series — CANGGU, BALI

April 9th - 30th 2019

ZIN Canggu

April 9 | How to Finally Stop Overthinking Everything

April 16 | Become A Money Magnet: Hacking Financial Freedom

April 23 | The Limit Does Not Exist: Kicking Your Inner Mean Girl to the Curb

April 30 | How to Light Up a Room (Even When You’re Shy)


Speaking Your Body's Language

"Amplify your inner power for confidence, vitality, and magnetic Manifestation"

In Speaking Your Body’s Language Christy Renee Stehle offers a raw, deep, and educational step-by-step roadmap for removing the biggest day-to-day culprits that cause low self-esteem, fatigue, and dull manifestation power.

Throughout this presentation, Christy empowers you with her hilariously inspiring stories, practical advice, and paradigm-shifting exercises. In it, you will learn how to build the energy and gain the confidence needed to take the crazy leaps of faith your dream life requires.

This presentation guides you in building and storing more energy inside the body for increased vitality, abundance, and magnetic manifestation power. Christy reveals the actionable steps needed to create a life-by-design, and showcases how we aren’t just accepted as RAW, REAL, & MESSY…We’re loved all the more for it. 

Christy has dedicated over a decade to studying wellness, low self-esteem, and what a frustrated life of isolated ‘hustle’ looks like. Join her in unlocking your inner freedom as you learn how to transform into a finely-calibrated being capable of rapid manifestation.

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