Cultivating The Courage Within

“If you like Brene Brown’s stuff you must get this book!”

It’s incredibly well-written, the author includes insanely entertaining anecdotes peppered with paradigm shifts, and each chapter caters to different parts of your life. Each chapter is digestible and I can really take my time to take action on the steps she provides.

I assure you: if you like the teachings of Brene Brown or Lisa Nichols, you will find your heart wrenched by these stories, your soul soar listening to her failures and triumphs, and feel heart connected as you identify with so many words in the pages of this book.

A magnificent read. Very very highly recommend. — Maxie Ouyang, Amazon Customer


“Wow! The introduction is really and truly one of the best introductions...

I have to say I am really taking my time and savoring everything written so far! I love reading, and this is so well-written, catching the attention, and making me feel as if I am right there ... I love this so far - everything - the only sad part is that I don’t look forward to moving to the end! — Dianna Delacoeur, Amazon Customer