Silence your anxious mind

This program is for you if you…

Know you’re destined for success

But are sick and tired of feeling so small compared to everyone else.

Love learning, achieving, and feeling accomplished,

And are ready to inspire others in a BIG way,

But you’re too mean to yourself and keep slowing your progress.

Hi, I’m Christy.

I'm ambitious, driven, and totally obsessed with helping high-achieving, high-vibe women get out of their heads

so they can start accomplishing faster than they ever dreamed possible.

Let’s jump on a call and plan

how you’ll become the person you’re ready to be!

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Some skills from the toolbox

Putting an End to All the Drama

Why We Do What We Do

Overcoming Overwhelm

Building a Framework to Freedom

Discovering Your Basic Human Needs & Subconscious Patterns

Escaping Negativity & Finding Freedom From Overthinking

Money Mindset

Discovering Your Past Money Identity

Crafting Your New Identity

Energetic Alignment Tools — For those times when “Just Believe” doesn’t work

Money Magnet Exercises

Replacing the Study of Poverty with Habits of Wealth

Your MAP to Financial Freedom

Principles of Magnetic Attraction

Step-by-Step: Creating Powerful Attraction Goals

Discovering Your Hidden Limits

Raising Your Money Ceiling

Money Mapping

Asking Better Questions

Managing Stress Levels & Changing Your State

Amplifying Your Inner Power

The Science Behind Energetic Attraction

Biggest Energy Drain Culprits

Speaking Your Body’s Language

Fad Diet Overwhelm — Cutting Through the Bullshit

Overcoming Emotional Eating

Sustainable Weight Loss

Creating ABUNDANCE in All Areas of Your Life

The Feminine Form of Power

Physical Alignment — Getting to Know Your Power House

Secrets to Working Your Energetic Magic

Redefining Luxury

Building Your First Class Life

words of love


Ella cook

Working with Christy is like taking a delicately wrapped truth serum.

Her approach to challenging my paradigms and cutting to the core of my issues was so effective and fast impacting that she helped me shift and rewire in a way that I began to embody more of the woman I desired to become.

She helped me gain fast and in-the-moment insight into my own thought patterns and behaviours.

Rajie Kablie

The safe space Christy held for me — her openness, her acceptance — really, really made the difference between me staying stuck in old patterns and continuing with my growth.

I really appreciate her care and appreciation that she showed when I was going through something really challenging.

She didn’t give me the answer or tell me what she thought I should do, instead she just asked questions in a gentle and loving manner and allowed me to come to my own conclusions.

Rosa Brissos

Christy holds space for us to actually achieve and manifest our higher selves…and that’s just one of her many superpowers.

When sharing our deep truths, she creates a safe space for me, for us, and for all women to be themselves — to be the best version of themselves.

I am grateful for the safe space she allowed for me to flourish and manifest the person I was — even when I was scared to show up.