What if you Weren’t scared...

And felt exhilaration in place of fear?

What would life be like if you no longer felt so irritable, tense, and negative all the time,

And you were finally, finally able to stop overthinking everything?

Maybe you’re rarely satisfied when you reach your goals

Because your brain has already moved on to the next 20 projects you want to accomplish.

And maybe you struggle with all those big ideas and dreams you have…

And just wish you had a step-by-step framework for achieving them.

Do you wish you could enjoy the NOW at the same time

You’re working towards your next big achievement?

You want the confidence to shine on camera,

And you’re so f**king ready to love who you see in the mirror.

What all could you accomplish

If your inner self-talk was actually nice?

If you wish you could take your dream life,

That successful, accomplished, self-loving one you crave

And start building a step-by-step framework for it now

You’re in exactly the right place.

“I never really felt my power until Christy rammed that magic pill down my throat. She forced a microphone inside me that made me speak the truth from a place of vulnerability. What she gave me completely overtook anything I ever imagined.”

Cloudy Bay, Marlborough, New Zealand 2018

Cloudy Bay, Marlborough, New Zealand 2018

Mindvalley A-Fest, Bali, Indonesia 2018

Mindvalley A-Fest, Bali, Indonesia 2018

Do you feel free?

In 2016 I sold everything I owned, fled a life I didn’t love, and traded it in for an 11 month whirlwind trip across 20 countries.

Each fresh destination offered a temporary escape from the negativity that plagued my mind…

But the fear, the over-analyzing, the self-doubt…it always came back.

Back then I could be surrounded by people and STILL feel totally isolated and alone.

I lived with the constant fear I was doing everything all wrong and was always upsetting those around me.

Internally, I was stressed out, irritable, and trapped…yet on the outside I looked perfectly calm and collected.

All the escapism worked for a while…

But at the end of the day, the negativity and over-analyzing always came back.

Again and again I was seeking yet another experience that would leave me feeling free and accomplished.

Finally fed up with this vicious cycle,

In 2017 I traveled to the one destination I’d been avoiding.

Once I began my journey of exploring myself within

I finally, finally found that expansive freedom I’d been searching for.

And now, I’ve built a life I love inspiring women just like you to do exactly the same.

Silence Your Anxious Mind

This program is for you if you …

Know you’re destined for success

But are sick and tired of feeling so small compared to everyone else.

Love learning, achieving, and feeling accomplished,

And are ready to inspire others in a BIG way,

But you’re too mean to yourself and keep getting in your own way.

If you’re ready to connect to your purpose

and feel driven, excited, & accomplished

on your way to achieving success

You’re my kind of girl.

And one thing you’ll learn about me is I am fiercely loyal with my girls.

I'm ambitious, driven, and totally obsessed with helping high-achieving, high-vibe women get out of their heads

So they can start accomplishing success faster than they ever dreamed possible.

My girls are just like me

We love to read (paper pages, ofc)

And journal

Experience meaningful connection

And sometimes…

We think we’re too smart and dedicated for the rules to apply to us.

“She gave me the power to feel powerful. That is the one moment that has changed my life. And now because of her, the lives of thousands of women I’m going to lead.”


The Magic Pill

“She gave me the power to feel powerful.”

Being in the space that I was and the group that Christy created in her workshop where everyone was so f**king perfect, her raw question to me was a hard pill to swallow. But it was the magic pill that I needed to speak my truth. She asked me one question, and that question forced me to be real, and I hated it, but it was a voice that needed to be heard.

The question was this magic pill that Christy jammed down my throat and it amplified that voice inside of me. It was like an internal microphone had been turned on, and it gave me the ability to speak my truth and I answered her back honestly.

And in that instant, I knew that I was 100x bigger than I ever imagined I could be. And no matter what space I walk into, I have the power to inspire and lead anyone I come across. As much as I said it out loud, I never felt that power until she rammed that magic pill of a microphone inside me to make me speak the truth from a place of vulnerability and she fed me something that completely overtook anything I’ve ever imagined.

She gave me the power to feel powerful. And that is the one moment that has changed my life. And now because of her, the lives of thousands of women I’m going to lead. So I thank you, Christy. And the thousands of women out there, through me, they thank you too.

— Eve Vega, MindBodyVega


A Delicately Wrapped Truth Serum

“She helped me shift and rewire to embody the woman I desired to become”

Working with Christy is like taking a delicately wrapped truth serum.

Her approach to challenging my paradigms and cutting to the core of my issues was so effective and fast impacting that she helped me shift and rewire in a way that I began to embody more of the woman I desired to become.

She helped me gain fast and in-the-moment insight into my own thought patterns and behaviours.

— Ella Cook, Alchemy of She

Words of Love


Maxie Ouyang

I feel like I can see into her soul and I feel like she can see into mine.

When I look at her, the eye contact is incredible. I literally see myself in her reflection, and that is an amazing metaphor for who she is.

She sees all of me. She heals me. She supports me. She let me trust again.

I feel so safe with her.

I thank her for providing that for me.


Heidi Mangus

I’ve spent so much time embodying the “independent woman”, the hustler, the go-getter, the “I don’t need anyone else”. I viewed slipping into femininity as giving up my drive, my independence, my intensity.

Last summer, I met Christy Renee at Mindvalley University in Tallinn, Estonia. I admired her sensual essence, her embodiment of the feminine, the way she showed up to the world.

When Christy began offering coaching, I essentially elbowed my way to the front of the line to sign up.

In our work together, Christy created an open and non-judgmental space for sharing that was fundamental to all the other work we dove into – and because of this, I was able to speak openly about deep issues.

She offered crucial shifts in perception via deep listening and individualized practices for recognizing my blocks/catalysts. She is supportive and holds me accountable, cheering with me when I’m celebrating and bringing in powerful questions when I’m not.

Since coaching with Christy, I’ve been able to recognize how I was projecting my own dramas. With Christy’s guidance, I’ve gained connection and intimacy in a way that I always though was beyond my grasp.

Forever grateful to Christy and excited for the journey ahead.


jaana Hansman

I am so grateful I was led to Christy and her coaching group.

I got so much value from her coaching and I saw abundance flowing to me in new and different sources almost immediately after joining.

Every week I received something new and interesting from her from videos to worksheets, which really made me think and see things from different perspectives. Before her coaching I was unsure of my business goals and needed clarity. And also I have always struggled to earn enough money or even think deep down I deserve to Be rich. My childhood experiences always told me I need a rich husband. Christy totally helped me out of this mentality from soviet Estonia and made me know I am powerful AF and deserve everything I want!

I feel like something has unlocked in me and I have moved to another, more awesome, level of myself.

“After a moment of silence, Christy unleashed something about herself that was so deep, so internal, so RECENT, so raw.. that it left us speechless.

It was a mic drop, as if she ripped off all of her clothes in a mad stripper move and showed us what this naked thing was all about.”



Author, speaker, and mindset coach, Christy Renee Stehle is a growth addict with southern roots and an affinity for courageous leaps of faith. Likened to a phoenix by many, Christy has lived many chapters in her life.

From sick and overweight to traveling to 20 countries in a year, Christy has known “freedom” at many levels, yet it was only once she gained freedom from her anxious mind that she stopped running and found the peace to love herself.

Clearly ambitious and driven, she’s also totally obsessed with helping high-achieving, high-vibe women get out of their heads so they can start accomplishing their big goals faster than they ever dreamed possible.

From 33 countries explored to overcoming anxiety without the pharmaceuticals she was prescribed to removing her food intolerances and eating intuitively she loves to talk about it all! Send her an email and get connected today.

Silence your anxious mind

Learn simple tools to quit overthinking everything, find freedom from your overactive mind, and

build a step-by-step framework for achieving your big goals