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Cultivating The Courage Within

Are you seeking a dynamic storyteller who will captivate, educate, and transform your audience?

Courage expert Christy Renee carries audiences through the fears that hold them back and into immediate action, leaving them feeling 100x bigger than they ever imagined they could be.

If you like the teachings of Brene Brown or Lisa Nichols, you will find your heart wrenched by these stories and your soul soaring as you listen to her fails and triumphs.
— Maxie Ouyang, Founder, Happy Charting LTD
A magic pill that gave me the power to feel powerful.
— Eve Vega, CEO Mind Body Vega

Recent Speaking Appearances

“Real, funny, caring, and most of all inspirational. Amazing energy!”
— Jin Lee

Keynote Speaker Highlight Reel

A brilliant, empowering storyteller. Her calming and eloquent style filled with humor and vulnerability took me on a beautiful journey. ”
— Gina Ingram, Founder, Soul Expedition
“Her vulnerability and authenticity became mine, her courage became mine, her unimaginable power and strength became mine.”
— Marianne Dsa

Meet Christy

I’ve been told I’ve got a story for everything.

At one point I saw this as a bad thing…Truth be told, I saw most things about me as a bad thing. I was paralyzed in fear for 15 years of my life, and my health history has the track record to prove it. From graduating university in the height of the 2009 worldwide recession, to post-birth-control-syndrome, failing gut health, and an American with no health insurance discovering a significantly-sized breast lump at age 27…

I’ve had a lot of run-ins with fear in my life.

So what do you need to know about me?

I like to tell people that my life unfolds in such an entertaining way, even for me, that it would be poorly written fiction were in not a true-to-life tale.So take a girl who’s got a story for everything and combine it with stories that are just begging to be told… and you’ve got about 72,000 words to catch up on just for first introductions. So really, the best way to get to know me is with your free copy of my book here :) You can also read my blog articles and follow me on Instagram and Facebook…I’ve been telling stories there for awhile.

But if I had only one opportunity to tell you one thing…

This is what I’d share

In a wild burst of courage that still surprises me at times, in July 2018 I let go of every safety net I had in my life. I said goodbye to the boyfriend I’d had since childhood, I donated everything I’d accumulated in my 2 years abroad —save for one small carry-on suitcase — quit the job that was dulling my light, and embarked on a new journey. I’ve taken huge leaps of faith before — like the time I jumped out of the second plane I’d ever flown in, or the time I faced my paralyzing fear of heights atop the world’s third highest bungy — but I’d never done anything this crazy.

By all accounts it was a horribly stupid plan. I had one suitcase, no job, $10k of student debt, $1,000 in my accounts, and two halfway maxed out credit cards to my name. And still I leapt.

What I found on the other side of my fear was everything I had been searching for and it didn’t stop there. Each and every time I’ve faced a fear I’ve unlocked my next greatest opportunity. The great thing is, it’s not limited to just me. Anyone can triumph over fear with the right method.

The problem is most people go about it all wrong from the very beginning. Most people think they’re supposed to be fearless if they want to lead. Most people wait until the fear goes away and guess what? It never does. And so they never DO.

But when we recognize our fear, when we accept that it’s not only ok to be scared — we’re supposed to be scared — that’s when we’re finally on the right track. When we use our fear as a compass to point us in the direction of what we need to conquer next, that’s when we stop trying to be fear-LESS and start to become fear-LED.

And it’s from that point we begin to cultivate the courage within.

Welcome to the courageous side. It’s not always easier over here, but damn is it better.


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